lørdag den 5. marts 2016

My online portfolio

I have decided to discontinue updating my blog for now. I may return in the future, but for now I think you should go visit my tumblr portfolio and show reel. Thank you :)


tirsdag den 20. januar 2015

Aghora Finished

After sculpting I spend approximately 20 hours painting the model. I tried playing w cast light and I think it worked very well although I had a hard time painting the jet of flame.

Original Concept by Juan Gimenez: http://www.juangimenez.com/

Painted (approximately 75 hours):

Aghora WIP

On to sculpting!

Original Concept by Juan Gimenez: http://www.juangimenez.com/

Fianl Piece (50 Hours Sculpting)


Armature (3 Hours) 

3 Hours Sculpting:

8 Hours Sculpting:

14 Hours Sculpting:

Sculpting 18 Hours:

Sculpting 28 Hours:

Sculpting 34 Hours: