onsdag den 10. december 2014

Little Sister Complete and WIP

I started off w the little sister. As all sculptures would eventually have to be combined, I thought it best to make them one at a time to solve the problem of scale a bit easier.

Concept and design by Simon Dilling Hansen: simondilling.blogspot.dk

Finished Little Sister, 15 Hours:

Armature, 1 Hour:

4 Hours:

Baked, 13 Hours:


Bioshock Concept

I found myself playing a lot of Bioshock lately. Too much I guess, but it made me want to do a piece of fanart for it. I do not remember how I came up w the idea, but I distinctly remember not wanting to do the most iconic character from the series i.e. The Big Daddy and The Little Sister.

I felt there had been very little focus on the protagonist (named Jack) himself. Even though Jack is a complete mute and have no personality to speak of, he is still a very important person in the universe.

I wanted the piece to be instantly recognizable to fans of the game, so I decided I wanted a little sister in there as well. Eventually I came up w the story of Jack rescuing a little sister from a splicer and drew this composition:

I imagine the sculptures to be on a round base so you can turn it around and find interest from every angle. Of course it was nowhere near complete and I knew as well that I wanted to give it at least some cartoony feeling as if not to make it too dark and gritty.

I enlisted the aid of my roommate Simon Dilling Hansen, who knows how to draw. We are both fans of Mike Mignola and his exquisite work on the Hellboy comics, so I decided I wanted Simon to draw a finished composition w the inspiration of Mike Mignola. I think it went pretty well:

Art and design by Simon Dilling Hansen: simondilling.blogspot.dk