tirsdag den 26. august 2014

Freyja Finished

Hah finished. Had tons of liberty and fun w. the hair. Was a real pleasure getting out of my comfort zone w. this piece although there were a lot of cutting away of armature. overall no biggie.
Thanks Marie, hope to work together again on another of your designs :) Finished sculpt is about 20 cm tall.

 Concept by Marie Thorhauge: http://artbythorhauge.blogspot.dk/

40 Hours:


Freyja WIP

A while back I approached Marie Thorhauge, who is a design and concept artist. I was very keen on doing one of her designs and she was very exited for us to be working together. After a short but sweet browsing of her character designs I decided do a very lovely lady of hers.

You can go see Marie's page here: http://artbythorhauge.blogspot.dk/

Concept by Marie Thorhauge

2 hours:

The filler for the skirt, hair and dress insulation for houses. It was only a rough estimate of what I would need, because I could cut it away easily if it got in the way later during sculpting.
9 hours:

20 Hours:

29 Hours:

tirsdag den 5. august 2014

Coffee Girl

Here is the finished version of Coffee Girl. It was challenging to make such a thin, but top heavy character. The hair especially was fun to translate from 2D to 3D.

design by Anne Torp: http://annetorp.blogspot.dk/

Original design
24 hours: