onsdag den 10. december 2014

Little Sister Complete and WIP

I started off w the little sister. As all sculptures would eventually have to be combined, I thought it best to make them one at a time to solve the problem of scale a bit easier.

Concept and design by Simon Dilling Hansen: simondilling.blogspot.dk

Finished Little Sister, 15 Hours:

Armature, 1 Hour:

4 Hours:

Baked, 13 Hours:


Bioshock Concept

I found myself playing a lot of Bioshock lately. Too much I guess, but it made me want to do a piece of fanart for it. I do not remember how I came up w the idea, but I distinctly remember not wanting to do the most iconic character from the series i.e. The Big Daddy and The Little Sister.

I felt there had been very little focus on the protagonist (named Jack) himself. Even though Jack is a complete mute and have no personality to speak of, he is still a very important person in the universe.

I wanted the piece to be instantly recognizable to fans of the game, so I decided I wanted a little sister in there as well. Eventually I came up w the story of Jack rescuing a little sister from a splicer and drew this composition:

I imagine the sculptures to be on a round base so you can turn it around and find interest from every angle. Of course it was nowhere near complete and I knew as well that I wanted to give it at least some cartoony feeling as if not to make it too dark and gritty.

I enlisted the aid of my roommate Simon Dilling Hansen, who knows how to draw. We are both fans of Mike Mignola and his exquisite work on the Hellboy comics, so I decided I wanted Simon to draw a finished composition w the inspiration of Mike Mignola. I think it went pretty well:

Art and design by Simon Dilling Hansen: simondilling.blogspot.dk

mandag den 17. november 2014

Jawa Painted

So here it is. After a little paint job, the even littler guy is on his way to find scrap and droids in the desert !

Thanks to Chris Battle for a fun challenge :)

Original concept: Chris Battle:  http://chrisbattleillustration.blogspot.com/

Unpainted Sculpt:



fredag den 14. november 2014

Jawa WIP and Unpainted

Time for another collaboration piece. This time i collaborated with the super duper talented Chris Battle. I'm a huge fan of his style so when he visited the school where I hang out (these days anyway) I just had to ask if he'd be interested in collaborating. He was more than happy and even had a piece he'd wanted made 3D for a long time.

Concept by Chris Battle: http://chrisbattleillustration.blogspot.com/

Chris even supplied me w a plan. I call it: My Battle Plan ^_^ (yes, shoot me now pls)

(Ain't he cute?)

10 Hours (Finished):

0.5 hours:

Nice little armature.

2 Hours:


This is the first time I will try to bake super sculpy twice. I do this because all the surfaces need to be sanded really smooth and it would be very difficult to make the face smooth if I were to sculpt everything in one go. I made grooves in the back of the head so the second layer of sculpy would hopefully stick.

3 Hours:

Baked and sanded to perfection

3.5 Hours:

I cut out the groove for the belt to make sculpting the belt easier.

4.5 Hours:

Sculpted belt and pouches.

7 Hours:

I managed to add another layer of sculpy without any trouble :) I will use that method in the future, as it will make it much easier and quicker to do a sculpture in stages rather than in just one go. You don't have to be as careful ruining what you have already sculpted and hard surfaces can be introduced earlier in the process. This is very useful if it is a piece with many big hard edges in the basic shape.

Next up: Painting !

mandag den 10. november 2014

Wynona Finished

After 32 hours I had a finished sculpture I was really happy with. I think it has been one of the best 2D to 3D translations I've had the pleasure of working on so far. there were some issues involved concerning the shape of the head and how to do the hair, but it was very worthwhile to spend some time thinking about that. Ive learned to loosen up a bit and not focus so much on making the 2D designs symmetric, but instead focus on making pleasing shapes.

Original design by Peter Meldgaard: http://petermeldgaard.blogspot.dk/

 32 Hours: