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Props for Goutted'Or part 2

I had to do some daggers the main character would be juggling. They were made in green stuff. The skull was also made for the movie, to my knowledge but not included in the final cut. I'm not implying theres anything wrong with that decision. I'm just saying..

The knives had to be exotic and varied. The skull had to be cartoony. I think I did alright.

Photos by Christoph Peladan.

I had to do a small rowin boat as well. It had to be tied to a huge tree. The boat was done in one piece of thick cardboard with a lot of glue. Then I covered i in small strips of thin cardboard and painted it. All done in one day. The ores were created from a stick and a piece of cardboard. Nothing fancy, but it looks good I think.

Just so I don't get into copyright trouble: The tree wasn't done by me! 

Photos by Leonardo Ligustri and Greta Clemente.

Then I did a ship. It was made from a 5 £ model ship. I had to make it look old and derelict.

I cut the ship in two with a saw. Added planks made from cardboard, made a railing in the back. The sails were cut to pieces and then small flags were added to the top as well as a looot of rope and then some more rope for good measure. I even made the goddamn ladders!

People dont realise that mast are not one solid trunk of tree, but smaller pieces stuck together. I certainly didn't know until I'd studied the a lot of model ships from various books on the subject. I had to seperate the masts and then reconnect them to make it look believable. Then i had to break them again because a derelict can't have intact masts. It's a fact.

I painted it, added seaweed using a combination of cotton, wood glue, paint and water. Then I repainted it.

I just couldn't resist adding a frontfigure to this piece as well. Made with love in green stuff.

Here's me with my creation. isn't she a beaute:

Finally I had to do a pair of legs hanging (from a rope). As a contrast to everything else I'd previously done, these should be able to animate i.e. move.

The legs were made in Super sculpy. The trouser legs incidentally, were made in real fabric and then painted to look real.... yeah, showbiz, I know.

Photos by Greata Clemente

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