tirsdag den 5. august 2014

Coffee Girl

Here is the finished version of Coffee Girl. It was challenging to make such a thin, but top heavy character. The hair especially was fun to translate from 2D to 3D.

design by Anne Torp: http://annetorp.blogspot.dk/

Original design
24 hours:


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  1. Ridiculously cool models mate! I think I remember you from my time teaching in Viborg! grab yourself an airbrush and a few "Vallejo Air" paints for some smooth transitions and you are onto a winner! feel free to send me an email if you want any tips on painting scale models.
    henrysouth @ hotmail dot com

  2. Hej Morten, er du i Denmark pt.? Har du en e-mail hvor jeg kan skriver til dig? Du er måske interesseret i et ''workshop''?
    MVh Gabriel Sas.
    Bedes svares på gabriel.sas@lego.com