mandag den 10. november 2014

Wynona WIP

Next up here is a wacky design by Peter Meldgaard. He said he combined the shape of a bottle and a square and seeing the design, I don't doubt that it is the case.

Design by Peter Meldgaard:

This design seemed pretty straightforward to begin with, but there were some issues w the thickness of the neck vs the thickness of the wire skeleton. Instead of making the armature of one long piece of wire bended in the head, I decided to attach one of the legs afterwards. That way I would be able to make the neck as dictated by the design.

2 Hours:

I attached one of the arms to the hips to keep it as stable as possible. This time though I decided that I would attach a lot of stuff later ie. pistol holster, ponytails, scarf and spurs. It was a bit of a gamble w the ponytail, but it was probably a lot easier to sculpt first and attach later.

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