tirsdag den 20. januar 2015

Aghora Concept

Next up is a personal piece. A year ago I read a comic by the author Alejandro Jodorowsky called The Metabaron http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Metabarons and I was instantly sold (I suggest you give it a read)  I decided to make one of the characters as a tribute, but s it is a series in 8 parts concerning a long line of warriors, I had a lot to choose between.

I finally decided to sculpt Aghora, the mother/father of the final metabaron. There is a panel where she is giving birth while fighting off an army of clones. Her solution is to escape by turning her sword into a rocket. (I told you its good)

Concept by Juan Gimenez:  http://www.juangimenez.com/

Final Piece:

Original Concept:

Experimenting with pose and composition:

I made this drawing to give myself a better idea of form, shape and design.

the circled drawing on the last picture was he one I was most happy with.

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