mandag den 20. juni 2011

Ronin: Sculpted piece

After having settled on a pose both dynamic, powerful and cool my approach was simple: Big pieces first. Details later.

This was the pose I was most happy with:

Even though there is a lot of movement in the sketch, I still thought it was too stiff. That happens a lot when I sit and sketch. Then I usually correct it in the sculpting phase.

Photos by: Fruzsi Gaal

This time I learned just how much facial expressions affect muscles in the neck. I made a small study of neck veins using a mirror and my "angry face" I'll say it again; Human anatomy is a facinating thing!

To truly make the robotic parts seem so alien on the ronin, I decided to give him a very traditional japanese hairdo. So it would not only be a clash of flesh and technology, but also a clash between progress and tradition.

I did the sculpy parts first, then the hand and sword in green stuff. The wires were discarded guitarstrings given a second chance at life.

Once I get some paint on it, it will hopefully be a bit more clear what I'm trying to achieve:)

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