onsdag den 13. juli 2011

Oddsockshire: Concept sketches

I was hired to do some marquettes (sculptures) a couple of months back for a nice woman named Sara Barbas. She was among six people chosen to pitch an idea at Annecy in France. She pitched the idea for an animated series by the name of Oddsockshire.

Annecy is the biggest annual european animating film festival in Europe.

Being a former sculptor at Aardmann in Bristol UK, she wanted to make some marquettes for her presentation, but didn't have time to do them herself. Luckily I was available to do them, so under her close scrutiny I set about recreating the designs she'd had made. She wanted me to do three marquettes:

A boy and his umbrella named Luca and Brolly  (they would count for two marquettes)

A suitcase named Valise.

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