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Aria and The Hound Concept and WIP

I saw an amazing take on the characters from Game of Thrones by Stephen Silver:

I decided to contact Stephen Silver and ask if he wanted to work with me. To my delight he was very keen on doing that. I wanted him to decide which of his characters he wanted me to sculpt. He said either The Hound or King Robert Baratheon. Both were cool designs I could have a lot of fun with, but in the end I chose to do The Hound. I just thought he looked a bit lonely so I also decided to include Aria Stark and make it into a nice diorama.

Concept by Stephen Silver:

Robert Baratheon and The Hound:

What I chose to do:

I wanted to make the sculpts in Super Sculpy as it is much safer to remove them from the base after they were sculpted and I did not want to work on two models on the same base. Furthermore Chavant clay is not good for the level of detail these designs demanded (tiny tiny sword).

WIP The Hound

WIP Aria


I wanted Aria to have her braavosi fighting stance and make her look cooler, refined and more of a counterpoint to the menacing and brutal presence of The Hound.


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