fredag den 12. september 2014

Evelyn Carter Concept

This is a rare occurrence as this sculpture is my own design. It was part of a school assignment we had to do about 18 months ago, where the job was to create a character and a backstory for the character. The only stipulation I had, was that she had to be female.

She became Evelyn Carter; A 65-year-old widow of a British colonial marine who was killed in the Zulu wars. I turned her into a tough 1920's explorer woman who would take no crap from anybody. Basically a prime candidate for the suffragette movement had she cared about politics. She would still adore her husband so I made her wear his service uniform and revolver (In case of angry lion) as well as her wedding band.

Concept by me-!

I took inspiration from Karen Blixen, a female Danish author who lived most of her life in Africa. I also found some nice photos from Humans of New York, when it was still an interesting web page from a character developer's point of view. I also looked into what was fashionable in the 1920's and added what I thought appropriate.


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