onsdag den 18. maj 2011

Wardancers Finished: Beastman

I wanted the dancer who played the beastman to look more feral than the rest. I took my inspiration from indian ceremonial dancers, who dress up as bisons. The whole theme is basically modelled on the little of what I know of indian rituals.

I decided the beastman would carry a drum: This would signal him banging the "War drum" e.g. he brings strife to the forest. At the same time the other dancers, even Orion, would be dancing to his beat symbolizing that they would not be there if he wasn't. He's the enemy, but he's still in command of everyone.

To make the beastman dancer more gruesome from the rest, I made his mask be the skull af an actual slain beastman. Also he has a beastman mane, heavily inspired from the bison headgear of indian rituals. First I thought of adding a few feathers to the headgear, but decided against it in the end as I thought it unnecessay

Photos by Fruzsi Gaal

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