tirsdag den 17. maj 2011

Wardancers Pre production: Poses and weapons

Now that I had the heads sorted out it was time to get to the most interesting part of pre production: Poses.

I wanted them to be very aggressive in their appearance and posture as well as elegant and graceful in their stances. Many of the poses here were used although I did make some changes to individual equipment etc,  later in the process. I also wanted them to fight in very different manners f.ex. one would have blades tied to his ankles so he couldn't use his legs, but had to rely on a pogo-like stick to keep him mobile. Others would be wielding spears, swords etc.

Here you see some of the weapon designs I played around with. I became very fond of the idea of blades shaped like the leaves on trees or bushes. I think it went well with the whole "forest" theme.

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