søndag den 13. marts 2011

Archer: Sculpting part 2

I needed to add a bow to the archer. I did this by bending a wire into shape and covered it in a moderate layer of green stuff , forming it into an approximate bow shape. Once it had cured, I carved it into the final shape I wanted. I also cut away some room for the handle and then I sculpted the hand holding it.

The bow string was made simply by rolling a small piece of green stuff into a string, attach one end to a surface and let gravity take care of the shape as it cured. Lastly I glued it all together and sculpted the final small details. 

I redid the hand holding the helmet and connected the quiver to the main body. Added a small pouch to his belt and some small details here and there and that was basically it. I had my archer. I painted and glued it onto the dragon base. Nice and easy. I choose green fort the clothes mainly to make him stand out form all the red in the dragon. I felt blue was too much of a contrast though. It seemed out of place.

Final result.

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