lørdag den 5. marts 2011

Dragon Skulpting: First step. Part 2

More work in progress photos. A good rule of thumb when sculpting is to limit yourself to a couple of simple big tools in the beginning. I find it easier to keep away from going in to details too soon, if the tools I'm using are ill suited for the purpose. Later sure, go crazy, but keep to the big tools in the beginning.

At this stage I'd figured out where everything should be placed on the dragon, shoulders, hips, chest and so forth. The the next step was to start bulking out the fella. I did it like this; Main body, then arms and legs and finally I'd do the hands and feet.

But  working on the bigger shapes was far from tedious work. You still have to figure out how all the muscles would react to each other; How one shoulder would look streched one way and then how the other shoulder or indeed the chest muscles might react to that specific movement.   ...yeah well, I guess you had to be there.

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