søndag den 13. marts 2011

Woman and Dog: Concept sketches

It was suggested to me that my next project be something a little more down to earth. I wanted to do a female at this point as well. This was to better understand the subtle differences in the physiology of men and women.

At the same time I didn't want to make the standard pin up or damsel in distress. I wanted to make a woman who got it all under control (well almost in control) A cool person who knows what she wants. A buissness woman or doctor or something.

I had to make an interesting pose, a believable pose full of energy and motion. I thought of making her interact with something. At the same time it would have to be an everyday thing. A dog might fit the bill. Why not? It would be the random element I'd need as well as a good oppotunity to actually sculpt a dog. It would give the piece a story as well. DOG!

I'd let her talk on a mobile phone while walking the dog. A small commentary to the distracted mind through which modern man percieves the world. It would also be a good excuse to give a twist to her pose. Let her be carried along by the dog unwillingly. Could it be a metaphor for fate? Nah, better stop while I'm ahead.

Back to practical matters. What breed of dog should I make. didn't want anything too small or too large. I wanted something springy the same time, but also a dog a business woman might pick as a pet. I settled for a greyhound. Sleek, elegant and fast.

I found a lot of pictures on the internet, but I wanted to get the physiology into my head and my hands before committing it to form, so I decided to do a couple of sketches of the greyhound beforehand.

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