søndag den 6. marts 2011

Dragon Skulpting: Finishing step and textures


I found some additional production photos. 

I was very careful to count the number movable "joints" on the underside of the dragon before starting to sculpt it, ie. I didn't want there to be an uneven number of joints on each side of the belly. Because of the even number of joints I'd have to make, each joint would have to stretch or squeeze according to what its twin joint on the opposite side was doing. If one joint was stretched out, the other had to be squeezed together. The finished result made the dragon look more organic and flexible.

This was the solution a came up with concerning the wing muscle/arm muscle problem. At the same time it gave me a nice chance to brush up on my knowledge on back and shoulder muscles.

I decided that the belly joints would  go all the way up to the tail and then I would start work on the textures.

This was the finished result. I'd looked at some photos of lizard scales and forund out that larger scales tend to be situated on the back and then get progressively smaller the further it goes thowards the underside/stomach.

The texture on the body were made simply by gently pressing a drill bit against the surface and then let it run along the until you get the desired effect. The larger scales on the back would be made by placing tiny blobs of sculpy on the surface and then smoothing them out till they looked the part. I left the underside smooth to give some variation  to the piece and also to make it easier for ppl to distingush what is up and down.

I would later replicate the process on the head.

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