onsdag den 9. marts 2011

Finished Dragon: Details details

I was happy with my tree for about two hours until it was pointed out that it didnt look like a tree. I then placed a thick layer of green stuff on the stem and mutilated it until it looked like bark. I drilles some holes into it as well and stuck some wires which I sculpted into branches. You will see the finished result later.

These were the absolute last details I sculpted before moving on to the wings. I sharpened the claws on the hands and feet once I'd baked them. Its so much easier to carve sharp edges than it is to sculpt them. The membranes in the ridge on the dragon's back were made simply by squeezing thumb an indexfimger against the sculpy and removing the excess. I made the membranes in different sizes and made the larger more detailed to give some variation.

The horns on the elbows and kneecaps were surrounded by smaller horns gradually turning into scales. This would help me pick out a few large scales when painting the dragon, which would also add to the variation in skin texture.

I baked the head first before attaching it to the neck. That way I could press the socket in the back of the head against the end of the neck to make them better fit together. To make the head stick, I added a layer of green stuff un top of the joint after gluing them together.

I'd decided the dragon would be chasing an unlucky archer, so I added an arrow to the eye of the dragon. Then there would also be a little story behind the piece, which is always welcome.

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