søndag den 13. marts 2011

Woman and Dog: Skeleton and sculpting

I stuck to my usual method of making skeletons: Get the correct measurement, then pose it, lastly you recheck the measurement against the pose and make it work together. This sculpture would become a fairly big piece. I did not expect that to begin with. If the sculpture is going to weigh a lot, I can recommed adding a supporting "leg" to the skeleton. This skeleton worked as it was, but only just.

Once I'd sculpted all I could in sculpy and baked it, I made the details in green stuff. I sculpted the woman and dog seperately from each other and then glued them to the same base. First then did I begin work on the leash. I sculpted it on a flat surface. I recommend a surface like wood, glass or metal. Don't use cardboard. It is a pain to remove green stuff from a cardboard surface without taking some cardboard with you. When it had cured, I cut it into shape and glued it onto the models.

The strap for the purse I flattened seperately, but applied it to the model before it had cured. The same method was applied to the small piece of dangling leash in the woman's hand.  

When I work with clothes, f.ex. the trusers, I'll sculpt all the muscles first. Then ill roll some small sausage pieces of sculpy and apply them wherever I want the clothes to fold. I use the same method when making sleeves or indeed any seperate pieces of the clothing. I do this so I know I'm not screwing with the muscles in favour of design.

The pieces of cardboard on the base would later be painted to resemble pavement. I would also sculpt a flattened soda can using green stuff.

I would later readjust the hand holding the leash with green stuff. If you got the option, make hands with green stuff as it can be done in stages and not necessairly all at once.

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