onsdag den 9. marts 2011

Fininshed Dragon: The base

Here I am holding my creation. Naturally I was excited, but at the same time a bit miffed that I'd forgotten to shave or indeed wash my hair.

Initailly I'd thought about removing the dragon from the wooden plank to which it was attached, but I was afraid I might have created a strain to the wire when I stapled it to the plank. If that was the case, I might risk the dragon breaking into pieces as the wires returned to ther original position.

Then it was suggested I might keep the dragon on the plank, carve the plank into a pleasing shape and then attach it to a larger base. I did this and it worked admirably as it would also make the dragon easier to observe from its raised position.

This was the end result. After carving the planks and gluing them to the base, I sculpted it into a hill with boulders and a cliff using Fimo Light. It is light weight, relatively cheap, easy to sculpt with and most importantly, it cures when exposed to the open air for a longer period of time i.e. it dries out. Once again I'd dodged using an oven.

The base I had gotten specially made for a paltry 5 £ (My old wooshop teacher from elementary school was very reasonable with the price) I coated the side of the base with tree polish (or something like it) sanded it, then repeated the process three times till I'd achieved the desired  effect. 

Then I painted the details on the base, added a layer of sand, painted it white and finally glued shards of crushed light bulbs on top of it all and voila. a finished dragon! Meanwhile I'd also designed, sculpted and painted the archer, but that process will be covered next.

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