søndag den 6. marts 2011

Dragon Skulpting: Head

This was a straight up sculpting job. No little neat tricks to easen the mind, just pure leg work. One thing though. The membranes connecting the horns were made by placing an excessice amount of sculpy on the horns themselves and then gradually smoothen the excess out thowards each other to make them connect. That way the membrane would look thinner in the middle and thicker at the edges, as it should be.

Ah yes again: Big shapes first. Details in the end. Here the details were the scales and the small horns.

I think the end result speaks for itself. I Added an extra wire for the tounge, and then looked a looot at pictures of  lizards to get the scale texture down precisely. Here's another little tip: you may think you know what stuff in nature looks like, but you don't. Do the research, then go to work, and if that is too boring or hard to replicate, then bend the rules. Just make certain you check out what the stuff looks like in real life before trying to replicate it! You may get inspiered and you may save a lot of time.

I sharpened the teeth with a knife once I'd cured the head in an oven. Dont screw it up by being impatient and trying to do everything at once. Plan your progress, but leave room for cool accidents to happen.

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