fredag den 4. marts 2011

Dragon skeleton: body

The first thing i did whan I started out, was to take four rather thin cords of wire and then wrap them around my arm until I'd determined the proper lenght and shape of the main body. After I had the body shape I added arms and legs using much the same method, but was careful to measure out extra wire for the limbs to wrap around the main body.

Then I strengthened the skeleton with a much thicker wirecord , just the main body and wing basically, and left some spare cord which I could attached to a wooden base with a stapler. Every major wire was carefully connected using ordinary garden wire.

I repeated the process when I added the tree and connected the brancehes to the dragon's tail for added support to the entire thing.

At this stage I decided only to add one wing to the main body frame. This I did because I knew it would be hell to sculpt both the body but also the second wing if I attched it at that point. It was a gamble as I was not quite certain how durable my sculpting material would be, if I had to drill the second wing in place, but I concluded that the alternative would be worse.

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