søndag den 20. marts 2011

Sherlock Holmes: Sculpting part 2

I had the sculpture of Sherlock Holmes:

I'd made a violin and a bow:

The bottlecap was only intended as an size indicator, but pepsi, if you do want to sponsor this page just call me, awright. I drink pepsi max thank you. The strings on the violin btw. were made seperately with a glue gun and then glued to the violin. Swearing is allowed if imitated.

Here I've combined it all in one glorious mix:

I added a watchchain and corrected the arm a bit. One foot broke when I glued it to the base, but that was eaily mended with green stuff.

Hands were done in three stages: Palm first, then each finger positioned seperately. Lastly I'd make the hands and fingers actually look like hands and fingers. Now we're talking!

Last photo by Anders Clausen

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