lørdag den 19. marts 2011

Sherlock Holmes: Sculpting part 1

I had my pose, the outfit and the general look figured out. I also more or less had a plan of action. I'd sculpt the main body first, then the outfit and lastly the head, all done using sculpy. Then I'd bake it and add hands and violin, both made in green stuff. I'd have to make the violin first and then attach it to the neck before making the hands, as the hands would have to grasp the violin and react according to its size and shape and not vice versa.

I tried using a very thick and flexible wire this time instead of using many small wires. I'll say it now:. Don't do that. The sculpy will have a hard time sticking to the one wire and you'll hate yourself . On the plus side though, it is easier to cover the wire, but a well made skeleton using many small wires is always better. It takes time yes, but it is worth it. Sing a song while twisting the wires together. With a friend if possible.

I made him twist his upper body to give the sculpture some life and randomness. I also didn't want his left arm parallel with the left leg which would have made him look static.

This was the base for the violin. First I made a rough outline of the body. When that had cured I filled it out with some more green stuff. Lastly I cut, filed it down and carved the details into the body (the F-holes ( I'm not kidding)). Then I could concentrate on the neck.

The added pin would later become the figerboard. Finally I sculpted the fingerboard, tailpiece, bridge and scroll.

This was the last sketch I did before starting on the deatil. I made it just to make absolutely sure I hadn't any misconception of how f. ex. he should be holding the bow string, how he parts his hair or what kind of shoes he wears.

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